“The best way to transcend bondage is through higher awareness. “Awareness level keeps charging”. Strength does not come from winning only. But our struggles develop our strengths. When we go through hardship and decide not to surrender, that is strength”.

In order to enable the learners to teach how to think rather than what to think, the CWDC has been established in the institutional campus. The body consists of three faculty members and six students’ volunteers in it. The college has around 1000 girl’s students in the undergraduate level and around 100 girls in post graduate section.

The Cell emphasizes on the need to bring out the best in each female student admitted in this college to pursue various courses of study. It aims at uplifting them in all aspects by providing them a forum for women on the campus to share information and resources and to exchanges their ideas. It seeks to create awareness about important issues related to women up-liftment and provides a regular platform for discussion.

The Cell firmly believes that women should have the gender equality, to study or work with dignity and to have safe environment against harassment or abuse and appropriate conditions in respect to health and hygiene.

The Objectives of WDC are…

  1. To create awareness among the females apart from maintaining congenial environment for all the concerned females.
  2. To develop programmes for creating social awareness to bring attitudinal changes.
  3. To provide Career Counseling, legal awareness on specific issues concerning to women and their personal guidance.
  4. To prevent and deter the commission any act of exploitation , including sexual harassment.
  5. To approach the management for the basic infrastructural support needed for women in the campus.
  6. To promote self-employment programme.

Activities such as…

  1. Arrangement of Guest lecture series significant for women awareness.
  2. Encouragement of girls participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  3. Accompanying and encompassing the female participants in various programmes related to their progress.
  4. Women’s Day celebration.
  5. Conduction regular health checkups.
  6. Developing the sprit of unity, co-operation and other positive aspects.