Goals & Objectives

Considering its mission and vision the institution has framed the following objectives:

  1. To conduct regular classroom teaching activities, as per the norms of the KSKV Kachchh University, Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Gujarat and UGC and to strengthen the learning processes by way of remedial teaching.
  2. To hold NCC/NSS/PT activities and thereby to develop the linkages with outside agencies and other government departments.
  3. To provide suitable manpower to commercial organizations by way of holding campus interviews.
  4. To provide suitable inputs for developing professional skills of the students by way of conducting oral coaching for Cost Accounting/Chartered Accounting and Foreign Trade Vocational Courses.
  5. To cater the needs of the needy groups who could not avail the college education by way of holding the study centers of IGNOU and Dr. BAOU to provide them education on distant mode.
  6. To ensure the holistic development of the students in academic, cultural, spiritual and co- and extra-curricular activities  for developing different skills and talents of the students.
  7. To facilitate the faculties to update their knowledge and skills by deputing them for various Academic Programmes conducted by various Institutions and Universities.
  8. To provide minimum needful facilities to strengthen the learning activities of the students by offering the provision of library, Computer lab, Language lab and other required sports equipments facilities etc…